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Monday, October 10, 2011

Integrating Computers.. What do you think?


Let's hear/read what you think of computers in the classroom.
Do you think it's good? Bad? Do we really need it? Can we live without it nowadays?
Are you using a computer in your teaching? if so, how?

How do you think we can integrate the computers in the English lessons? What is it good for? What can we do with it?

Make a list of pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of the use of computers (technology) in the classroom. Post your response.



fiona benami said...

On the one hand I think it is important to use computers in the classroom. It makes things more interesting and pupils can research certain topics. On the other hand,it is just as important to use traditional methods of teaching as well.

Lena Galit Liat said...

We think that today it is a must! However we do not have enough computers in school.
Lena , Galit, Liat

Aviva said...

Hi Roneet!
Here is the first comment

Galit Yampolsky said...

I think that using the computer in the English lesson is "a must" nowadays. The pupils are experts on the computer and they will find the lessons more interesting and will be more cooperative if the teacher uses it in her lessons. The teacher has to pay attention and make sure the pupils do what she asked them to do.

Galit Massika said...

It was an amazing meeting. I used the computer like I have never used it before. Thank you for the "new" tool....

Rimona Benadiva said...

I enjoyed the firdt meeting very much.I learned how to use the computer in a way I haven't done before.It was very useful.Thanks.

susan zussman said...

I think that using the computer in a classroom is very beneficial. It makes things more interesting and the kids of this generation definitely "connect" to the computer more easily as compared to the page/teacher/etc.

Lihi said...

I think computers is a great way to teach and learn english .
however it is a big big problem we dont have computers in our classes.
I think its much more interesting for our pupils to learn this way and not only by looking at the board and filling out worksheets. I think there are may uses for computers in teh classroom.

Irena O, Marina, Irena M. said...

Hi Roneet. We enjoyed your lesson very much. Hope to learn a lot more. Thank you very much.
Irena O., Irena M., Marina.